Shadow of the War Machine

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SWM Slideshow CoverPanting for breath, I heard the whistle die. I glanced back at Will behind me. We paused for the briefest of seconds.

Perhaps if we were quiet enough, the wolves would stay at the bottom of the hill. We didn’t have much farther to go.

Just then I realized we were standing in two inches of frost covered leaves. Will motioned forward, and I took a tentative step, easing my toe into the leaves as gingerly as I could, but it crunched down beneath my boot. It must have only been the slightest of noises, but to my ears, it sounded like the crunch of a hundred breaking bones.

The howl sounded again.

They were coming.

Meg has come a long way from her days as a lowly housemaid, driven to learn the truth behind her parents’ murder. She’s since discovered they were part of the Secret Order of Modern Amusementists—an underground society of inventors. Determined to reclaim her heritage, she joined the Amusementists as an apprentice, but that hasn’t brought her closer to the person responsible for the loss of her family: the man in the clockwork mask.

Now he is coming for her. But Meg is tired of being hunted, and she intends to become the hunter. With help from Will, the boy who holds her heart, Meg embarks on an adventure that takes them far from the cold London winter and into the heart of France.

But the City of Light is filled with dark shadows. There’s a plot afoot that could turn the tides of a terrible war and cost the lives of millions—that is, if it doesn’t take the lives of everyone Meg holds dear, including her own.

Shadow Of The War Machine
Simon Pulse

Original Hardcover release February 2015
ISBN: 9781442468054

Original Paperback release February 2016
ISBN: 9781442468061

ISBN: 9781442468078