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The Silver Gate Books

The Silver Gate Duology is the story of a brother and sister desperately trying to survive in a grim but magical medieval landscape. It features a protagonist with developmental disabilities, and is full of high-stakes adventure. I wrote it for children ages 8-13, but it is a heartwarming and magical story for all ages.

Book 1: The Silver Gate

“The adventure is exciting, and the denouement is touching… Tender and magical.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Thrilling plot line about an arduous journey to find a new home, a quirky pet chicken, and how faith and hope can create miracles…” — Booklist

Book 2: Into the Nightfell Wood

“Readers who enjoy fairy tales with a bit of edge and realistic emotion will appreciate the intensity of Bailey’s story, which deftly portrays the frustrations that children with developmental delays may experience while communicating with others.” –Kerry Sutherland, Akron-Summit County Public Library, OH for School Library Journal

The Secret Order Books

The Secret Order is a trilogy of books inspired by my Great-Grandfather’s old study. It follows the adventures of Meg Whitlock as she uncovers a mysterious secret society of inventors in Victorian London. Full of action, intrigue, and suspense, this series was written with 11-16 year-olds in mind, and features a young female engineer with some marvelous and dangerous inventions.

LCK Slideshow Cover

Book 1: Legacy of the Clockwork Key

“In a entertaining steampunk fantasy, Bailey creates a complicated puzzle … A swashbuckling and clever heroine, a murderer intent on making her his next victim, fantastical beasts and devices, and a budding love affair that defies Victorian conventions only add tension, interest, and excitement to this first title in the Secret Order series.”  — Frances Bradburn Booklist

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Book 2: Rise of the Arcane Fire

“This book was wonderfully written, full of twists, turns and excitement, all of which made me regretfully checking the read counter on my kindle, and hoping the book wouldn’t end.” — The Reading Nook Reviews 

SWM Slideshow CoverBook 3: Shadow of the War Machine

“Clever machines, well-drawn relationships of varying constellations, literal death traps, and world-threatening intrigue, head-lined by an aspirational heroine, make this a winner.” — Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review